Want To Work With Me?

I am a women’s health physical therapist, author, and consultant who wants to advance women’s healthcare by making physical therapy services a standard.

As a consultant I offer an expert set of eyes for brands, healthcare systems, PT clinics, and individual practitioners, any stakeholder looking to add value to their products or services, or grow their services surrounding pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic health. 
  • Program development
  • Mentorship in pelvic health in the clinical setting
  • Pelvic health chart reviews
  • Content creation or editing, expert set of eyes 
    • written or video
Topics of expertise: pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy, birth and postpartum issues, bladder, bowel, pelvic pain, returning to exercise post baby, fertility, sexual health and more. 
“I love all your videos, Abby has a really easy going, engaging style”

-Every Mother member
Pregnancy, Postpartum, Pelvic Physical Therapy
I have been working in the pelvic health specialty since I graduated with my DPT in 2015. 
*If you are local to Milwaukee, I would love to help you at whatever stage of your pelvic health journey you're at. 
*I also offer remote wellness visits which can be a starting place and offer direction and organization for clients on where to start
*Birth Support Clients will resume in early 2024

“I trust 100% in Abby’s care, she’s the best PT I’ve ever had!”

-Former Client
“Abby is amazing! Super easy to connect with and knowledgeable. She loves what she does and wants to help and share it with others and you can feel and tell.

-April 2023 Client Review
How can I help you serve the pregnant, birthing, postpartum & pelvic health community?