Why is a PT teaching Labor & Delivery classes?

Why is a PT teaching Labor & Delivery classes?

Why is a Physical Therapist teaching Labor & Delivery classes?

...is a question I'm getting asked a lot.

Physical Therapists are body movement experts! We have doctorate level training in assessing movement dysfunction and rehabilitating to get back to optimal movement, usually without pain! I have advanced training in obstetric and pelvic floor physical therapy and am such a nerd about all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood. 

During labor, the uterus is contracting. Why? To move the baby down into the pelvis and birth canal! The position the baby is in the uterus and continues as he moves down into the pelvis can drastically affect your labor experience. In my opinion, not enough attention is paid to try to make this optimal. There are techniques, positions and education to learn to help this happen in an easier way, or to help you get through it! 

While I know other birth preparation classes do a great job teaching the basics of breathing and possible different interventions, being a physical therapist offers me a unique perspective to work with the joints, muscle, ligaments in the pelvis and what needs to happen from a biomechanical perspective to have that baby! There is a heavy focus on teaching your partner, or whoever may be supporting you during labor to help and advocate for your wants and needs for this experience. These things include:

  • Positions to be in at different stages

  • Positions with and without an epidural 

  • Ideas for creating a relaxing birthing environment 

  • Strategies for pain control 

  • How to breathe and push your baby out

Sound interesting? Let's chat more! 

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