I tried to write this post once, but, I didn't save it in time and I lost the whole thing. So then I was irritated with blogging for a week. 

Anyways, I'm back. Here are some updates. 

I'm 18 weeks this week. I heard Peanut's heartbeat on Monday. Still thumping away. Still makes me so happy to hear. I don't think I'm feeling any movement yet. One of the physicians I work with, said I probably am, but just don't realize it. Can't wait until I do! Our anatomy ultrasound is on December 4th. It will be the first time Anselm will get to see Peanut. That will be really exciting. 

My Glow app says Peanut is the size of a sweet potato. 

We do know Peanut's sex. For now, it's our little secret. I didn't even think of that as an option in my previous post, but Anselm said we should enjoy it just us for now. 

I'm starting to feel less in panic mode and more like maybe it is safe to nest and only be excited...instead of excited...fearful...anxious...I'm losing my mind...this is the hardest thing ever. 

Maybe I'll even buy some baby things on Black Friday. 


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