Saturday morning. One of my very best friend's is having a 1st Birthday party for her son today. I'm excited to celebrate him, he's just started walking. 

I suppose I told you that really because I was thinking about different people's stories. I can't tell them as well as they would themselves, but I was thinking about it. 

I, apparently, have no problem getting pregnant. This close friend, did. They did not go through any treatment or anything, but it took some time. When they stopped trying, and tracking, there it was, a positive test. Now he's one year old!

Another very close friend has gone through a few rounds of clomid and IUI. No baby. So, what do you do? Take a break, refocus on other joyful things. Consider adoption? Pray. 

Another friend, more distant than these first two, has been trying for over a year. She miscarried one early, and then went to an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. She's pregnant now, out of her first trimester I imagine. I pray for her often. 

I don't really want to group stories into categories, because gosh, it's all terrible. The heartbreak you feel whether you carry a baby for 6 weeks or 17. Or if your period comes every month for a year of trying to have a baby. I just want everyone to talk about this more. All the struggle, no matter how big or small. Infertility sucks. We should all help each other through it. 


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