Post number twenty. I still can't express how meaningful writing this blog has been for me. The feedback I've received about putting this out there has made such an impact on me. It is truly everything I wanted, women supporting each other, hopefully breaking the stigma of miscarriage. If you've had a miscarriage, you've created life, you had a baby in your womb, no matter how short a time. That means something so wonderful and great. Then, God called that baby home. It's ok to not understand. But, once you're ready, celebrate that life! 

I've had some cousins gift me some really special things. Anselm's cousin gave me a bracelet with a feather on it. The card that came with the bracelet says that some people believe feathers are messengers from the gods of the sky. I like that, signs from above. A way to send a message to my Charlie. 

One of my cousins sent me a necklace with a Momma elephant, and two baby elephants. It looks like there is room to add more, but I'll have to check with her to ask her where she got it from. 

Another person told me a friend of hers got her a bracelet with a pea pod and three little peas in it for her to remember all her children. 

I really like this idea. Even if it's only something you understand. You're acknowledging that baby was a life and a soul and person, worthy of love. 

Of course the more direct remembrances I've already discussed, such as the painting of St. Charles that we'll hang in our home next to our respective saints. 

Another great way to remember unborn babies is to submit their names to any one or multiple of various Catholic Shrines. Our friends submitted Charlie's name to be listed in the prayer service at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

I'd love to know other ways people remember their babies. Leave a comment, or connect with me through social media. 


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