8 weeks and 2 days. Size of a jelly bean.

Anselm and I got to see the priest who officiated our wedding over the weekend. He has been studying in Rome over the last year. He gave me a blessing for Peanut. I have been praying all the time for Peanut to grow. 

A second priest, the one who helped us through the miscarriage of Baby Charlie, was also there at this dinner party. He said he was "ecstatic" to hear the news. I am too, Father. 

Father Andrew helped us arrange everything, and said a funeral mass before Charlie's remains were buried at Holy Cross cemetery. This was so special. Some closure for me. Made his tiny life so dignified. He was a real person, a soul that should be mourned just like any that lived on Earth. I highly recommend this to anyone, Catholics of course, but even if you are not Catholic, have a memorial to your baby. Name him or her. Because these tiny babies, the ones 1 in 4 women "lose", are people. Souls. 

It doesn't matter if you don't know if your baby is a him or her. Decide for yourself. I had a feeling that Charlie was a boy, so we went with it. After the testing on Charlie's remains, it was confirmed for us he was a boy. This was after the mass, after he was buried.


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